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In our modern environment our pets' coats are exposed to all sorts of residues and pollutions through e.g rain water. Hence, like with humans, it's not only when the coat is visibly dirty it needs washing, but we should wash the coat regularly. When doing so, we believe we should use products as god or better as the ones we use ourselves. That's why we started producing pet shampoo in the 90's and continue to do so at our own facility in Sweden.

To prolong the effect of the wash

always use conditioner

Using conditioner after every wash closes the fibre of the hair making it more dirt resistant. It will also detangle the fur making it easy to brush as well as reducing drying times. We also recommended to use a detangling spray when brushing the coat, mane or tail, it will make it more comfortable for the animal and also maintain the condition of the fur.

To prolong the effect of the wash To prolong the effect of the wash
To prolong the effect of the wash

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